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Tivo Edge Manifesto
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Product strategy + identity, photo shoot, social + digital 

 launch campaign, packaging design, UI design

Building on the brand positioning we had already established - a fun, clever and bold personality - it was time to give our website a complete redesign and align it with the launch of a new live TV, DVR and streaming device, TiVo EDGE. This was a large undertaking: launching our first new product in 2 years and redesigning the website in parallel. 



We started with user research and a competitive landscape analysis. We made the user journey much more personalized, depending on how much information the user wants. We made it easier to go straight to product information and made the path to purchase considerably shorter. We added full screen video capability, full responsive design, a utility nav between B2B and B2C sites and an international site switcher. In our research, we learned all of our competitors use a lot of white space and bright stock photos of happy people. To set us apart, we decided to go for a dark look overall and use colored lights in our photo shoot to achieve a modern, edgy look. 


Product launch

We wanted the TiVo EDGE to have a modern and bold look to match our new brand. Again, using a dark color palette and bold gradients, new sleek photos and a clever personality, we designed the product packaging, web pages, emails, videos, social media and web ads, radio spots and more to create the 


Project done in collaboration with Gershoni and Bounteous


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