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Concept, UX + UI design

I designed the Togethr app to connect mentors and mentees quickly and easily, fostering success through motivated and inspired users. My experience mentoring high school girls has been overwhelmingly positive, but challenges caused by our busy lives make it difficult to establish lasting mentor/mentee relationships. How do we find the resources to persevere toward meaningful results? The Togethr app features several tools aimed at helping users achieve both professional and academic growth, including:


  • A trial period for users to see who they match with, no commitment necessary

  • Aggregation of relevant thought-leadership articles

  • Testimonials from users 

  • Career path education (spotlighting careers that align with users’ interests) 

  • In-person pop-ups to help keep users engaged and connected.


The visual design – from the logo to the interface - highlights the interdependence of the mentor/mentee relationship. From start to finish, from browsing to connecting to interacting, Togethr underscores how when two people come together for a common goal, they grow into something greater than their separate selves.  

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