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Film narrative, interactive strategy, UX + UI design

The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia hired BRC Imagination Arts to create a six-minute welcome video. In addition to writing the original treatment that won us the project, I created a robust interactive experience allowing guests to uniquely enter the World of Coca-Cola’s story. 

Our theme was simple: “Happiness is all around us and it happens every day, if we notice it.” We featured eight stories of happiness, sharing and togetherness, from around the globe, weaving six minutes of joy, triumph and love with a multi-faceted interactive framework. 

The Pre-Experience
As guests buy their tickets, they are given a personalized RFID bracelet. They enter the lobby where they are invited to upload photos of their own favorite moments, via their smartphones, or take a photo of themselves that they can send to others as well as post on social media. 

The Experience
As guests enter the theater, their photos float in bubbles on-screen. As the video plays and the eight stories of happiness unfold, their personal moments again appear, seamlessly woven into the video’s mosaic. These personal moments of happiness follow the visitor, continually appearing on screens as they enjoy the rest of the attraction. 

The Post-Experience: Website and App
After their visit, guests are invited to join the Moments of Happiness website - where they can share additional photos and videos, as well as view others’ moments from around the world – creating a global platform for collecting and sharing happiness. They can also craft their own video souvenir, combining personal moments with clips from the film, to send to friends and family and post on social media.  

The Happiness To Go app is designed similarly, encouraging users to share in moments of happiness from around the world. The app facilitates an infinite supply of happy moments right in your pocket, whenever you need a smile.  

To view the film trailer visit:

Client: Coca-Cola
Visitor experience created, developed and produced by BRC Imagination Arts,

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